Back in 2010 Marie Postans aged just 16 heard about the issues in South Africa today and decided that she wanted to make a difference in the world. She nagged and nagged the young worker at her local youth club (RYC) to organise a small trip to South Africa with the Youth Mission Project. After agreeing to take 4 young people on the trip it became apparent very quickly that not just 4 people were interested in the project.

Eventually in April 2011 a group of 19 young people and leaders made their way to Johannesburg where they spent 12 days building a nursery, laying a sewer pipe, building a bakery, feeding the poor and doing whatever they could to make a difference.

Having returned from the trip exhausted and completely overwhelmed by what they had seen and experienced, they decided that the project should continue and to return as often as possible to continue doing their bit to change lives, build communities and bring hope.

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In April 2012, 42 more people made the trip to South Africa and built a school for 450 AIDS orphans. In October 2012 Marie Postans moved to South Africa for 6 months to work in the school.

At Easter in 2013, a group of 8 people (and Marie) went to SA and helped to build an orphanage.

In 2014, a small group went to Cape Town and built a Child Development Centre in the middle of Khayelitsha, a slum containing 2.4 Million People.

Are you ready to do what you can to make a difference?