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The RYC South Africa project works in partnership with the Youth Mission Project.

Youth Mission Project is dedicated to sending youth, students and adults overseas to make a lasting impact to impoverished communities. Our heart is to inspire and challenge our volunteers through immersion in cross-cultural mission, so that when they return they impact their home communities with radical servant- hood.

YMP is a non-denominational Christian charity, but we welcome participants whatever their beliefs. 


All of the work we do in SA is organised by the Youth Mission Project and Bill Hebner 

10155924_756935517670585_7943117733780919245_nBill Hebner heads up the Youth Mission Project (YMP) and is responsible for coordinating all of the groups from around the UK who are taking part in the mission trip. 2018 sees the 25th year that Bill has been leading projects to places such as Mexico, Romania and South Africa. He is an absolute legend and one of the most inspiring people that we’ve ever met. Most evenings whilst we’re on the project we’ll be having a debrief session which Bill will lead where he’ll also share a thought for the day.