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Mike Thomas is a youth worker based in the east of Cardiff. He is based at Rumney Chapel where he runs RYC and has been involved with the RYC South Africa project since 2010. If you need any information about the project then he’s the guy to speak to. He’s probably the only person you’ll ever meet to have been bitten by a lion and survive!



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Sam Johnson is a Police Community Support Officer in the east of Cardiff. She’s been involved in the project since it’s inception in 2010. Sam is passionate about making a difference in this world, whatever the cost. Sam is one of the driving forces behind the project and motivates us all to get going and stay focussed when we’re fundraising.




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Caroline Hardy joined us in 2012 for the first time on the South Africa Project. She works for Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3SC) and is the Communities First worker for Rumney and the Third Sector Officer for east Cardiff. Caroline is an expert on everything to do with charities and fundraising.